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Q. How to open and account?

To open and account please visit https://www.rapidcod.pk/registration/ and fill the form and submit it. Once the process has been completed, our representative will get in touch with you to activate your account.

Q. How should I ensure the packaging of my shipment for normal and fragile both?

Shipper are responsible for the packaging of their shipments & it should be packed /sealed with the RapidCOD Labels pasted on it. Shipper can use their own branded / non branded flyers which should be fully sealed, but should avoid using transparent packaging.

Sensitive shipments should be marked with a Fragile sticker so as to indicate the Operations to take special care. It’s also advisable to use Styrofoam boxes to ship highly fragile products like cosmetics, electronics, etc. All the fragile/sensitive shipments are shipped on shipper’s risk.

Flyers from any other vendor (Courier Company) would not be accepted & such shipments will be hold in operations at the time of shipment arrival.

Q. Does RapidCOD offer Packaging Material? If yes, then in what sizes? How can I avail them and how would I be charged?

RapidCOD offers flyers in different sizes. Please check our RapidCOD Shop for available size and price.

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