Courier Flyer

Courier flyer bags are made from paper or plastic. Nowadays, most plastic courier bags are co-extruded with polyethylene (Pehd and LDPE).

These bags are designed with an open “side flap” to protect the security of the goods, which adhesive is applied to the sealing flap and is covered with a release liner. When the envelope is ready to be sealed, the release liner is removed to expose the self-adhesive tape.

The self-adhesive tape immediately seals the plastic envelopes and sealed firmly. Side pocket Also available on the back of courier / courier / express bags to insert the shipping label.

Properties of Courier Flyer Bags

  • Lightweight for savings in postage
  • Water-proof
  • Strong self-adhesive performance
  • High resistance to tearing and puncture


  • Courier, express and courier services
  • For invoices, price lists, catalogs, etc.
  • Transport of documents and packages
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